Ely Memorial Church Staff

The staff at Ely Memorial Church is a dynamic group of individuals each committed to fulfilling God’s calling, in large part through their work here at Ely Memorial Church.

They also function together as a team, working together to grow our church, our mission, and our community here in Land O’ Lakes, knowing that together we can achieve more than any one of us could ever hope to achieve alone. We believe God has led each of us to be here in this time and place to do God’s work.

Along the way, we have a lot of Fun! Laughter is a part of ministry, and smiles are the norm. We are definitely blessed!

Debbie Arpke

Secretary Debbie Arpke is available to answer your questions. Contact her for any information you need. Phone: 715-547-3890 Email: office.elyucc@gmail.com

Church Council

Moderator – John T. Oliver III

Vice Moderator – Barb Agney

Treasurer – Steve Wilkinson

Secretary – Pat MacIntosh

Church Council Members:

  • Diane Achuff
  • Bill Boscamp
  • Russ Diethert
  • Kathy Hirvela
  • Brian Grimm
  • Bob Wahlbeck
  • Barbara Wilkinson
  • Larry Zimmerman

Music Ministry

Dr. Pamalyn Lee, Linda Brainard, Ruth Thompson, Jim Dettlaff
The Choir and The Ah-Men Choir